3 Things You Can Do To Help Yourself If You Are Charged With Felony Burglary

Facing a charge of felony burglary is no walk in the park. Being convicted of a felony will permanently change the rest of your life and encroach on your freedoms, and a conviction will likely mean you will serve many years in prison. 

When charged with felony burglary, there are a few things you can do to help your case and possibly improve its outcome, including these three things:

1. Speak to No One Except an Attorney

Whether you are guilty of the crime or have no involvement whatsoever, it is always best for you to avoid speaking with anyone except an attorney. From the moment you come into contact with law enforcement, you need to watch every word you say. 

Once you arrive in the local jail, speaking to other inmates can be problematic if they decide to rat you out to help their own cases. Additionally, your phone calls at the jail will be monitored and recorded as will be your mail.

Once you get bonded out of jail, then you should also avoid speaking about your case with anyone else in your life. This is vital because your friends and family could always be called into court and asked to testify about anything you have previously said to them about the crime. To help your case and keep this scenario from playing out is to keep your case information to yourself.

2. Don't Bond Out of Jail Before Speaking to an Attorney

If you are given the option to bond out of jail but have not yet spoken to your attorney, then you should decline the offer. This is important because a lawyer may be able to get your case dropped altogether, get your charges lowered to something else that isn't a felony, or even get your bail lowered. If you bond out early, then you may inadvertently harm your case. 

3. Retain an Attorney Who Specializes in Burglary Offense Law

Since a burglary charge is a serious felony that can land you in prison for many years into the future, you need a highly-skilled lawyer to fight for you in court. While public defenders serve a purpose, they often are not experts in burglary offense law services and may not get you the best resolution for your case. Instead of taking your chances with a court-appointed attorney, retain a lawyer who specializes in this area of the law.