Do You Need An Attorney For Your Drunk Driving Charge?

Being arrested and charged with driving under the influence is a serious criminal charge. As with all cases of criminal law, the defendant can go it alone and represent themselves. While this could appear at first to save you some money, you might be foolish to save money in that area. Read on to learn more about why you need professional representation for a DUI charge.

Know what you are up against

If you have not already obtained a copy of the police report you should do so as soon as possible. This report contains the arresting officer's interpretation of the events that led up to your arrest and it will undoubtedly provide you with some shocking and dismaying information. You might find out for the first time exactly how the arresting officer viewed your behavior and actions at the time of the arrest and you may be stunned that two people could possibly remember things so differently. However, it is the information contained in this report that not only spurred your arrest but will be the guiding force behind the prosecution to come.

What do they have against you?

At the very center of any DUI case is the results of the tests. The BAC (blood alcohol content), the breathalyzer and, in some cases, the urine test. The results of the standard field sobriety tests are usually also viewed as additional proof of impairment, but are not enough alone. All of these tests have their quirks and the potential to be improperly used, but the higher the level of alcohol detected the lower your chances of getting the charges reduced.The circumstances of the traffic stop will need to be examined as well. A legal stop includes a precursor -- the officer must have stopped you for a legitimate reason, and it cannot just be that they were curious that you might be under the influence. People are commonly stopped for disobeying traffic laws, driving too slowly, spending too long at a green light or stop sign, weaving between lanes, and so on.

Getting legal help

Even a simple DUI case can be complicated when you consider the testing and the circumstances of the stop. Your DUI lawyer can advise on what you might be facing, should the charges stick, and let you know your chances of beating the charge due to any irregularities in the traffic stop or the testing. Get an evaluation of your case and make an informed decision before you try to defend yourself on your own.