Is Your Employer Trying To Avoid Paying Workers Compensation For Your On-Property Injury? What To Do

Getting an injury at work that prevents you from working can be a life changing experience, and if your employer is dragging their feet and denying you workers compensation, you want to get legal assistance. If your employer keeps stating that your injuries aren't severe enough that workers compensation is necessary, and that you aren't going to be paid and need to get back to work, you need legal help fast. Here are some of the things that you want to talk with your lawyer about so you can get the case started.

Injury Cause Details

How the injury happened at work will have an impact on the type of case you have. If the accident happened because you were doing something you weren't supposed to, against policy, or differently from how you were trained, you may not be able to get workers compensation.

If the injury happened because you were working in an unsafe environment, without the proper tools or protection, or because of another issue that was the employer's fault, this is when you will deserve the money you need. Get an injury report and get eye witnesses to make statements if you can about how the injury occurred.

Doctors Statements

Have a doctor give a detailed written statement for your lawyer that includes the following information for your case:

  • Injury diagnosis
  • Necessary treatment for injury
  • Long term effects of the injury
  • Details of why injury prevents labor or working

Once your doctor has compiled this letter, you may want to include some pictures of the injury or even x-rays or other types of scans and images from when the injury occurred. This way the lawyer can see how bad the injury was and so can a judge if the case progresses and ends up in a court room.

Your lawyer will total the amount of money that the accident has cost you, from the medical bills to late fees and missed wages that are now becoming a problem in your life. If you were injured while you were on the clock at work and you think that it's your employers fault that you were hurt, you want to call an injury lawyer that works with workers compensation claims, and that can help you get the case started. There are a lot of things that you want to get compensation for after the injury, so find a workers comp attorney and fight.