Will Insurance Cover Your Accident?

Most people know they need automobile insurance, but few ever consider the limitations that most policies contain. Not only are there limits on the amount that may be paid to an accident victim, there are also entire categories of damages that most insurance policies won't touch. When you are left with injuries, a wrecked car, and more, you may need to take legal action to get the funds that you are supposed to get. Read on to learn more about whether or not auto insurance will cover your accident.

Insurance can be Useful

Most minor wrecks are fully covered by insurance, particularly those where the car is "driveable" and did not involve injuries. You can usually just take your car to an approved body shop and the other driver's insurance, if they are at fault, will cover the repair. Unfortunately, not all accidents are minor, and that is where you might run into problems with coverage.

When You Might Encounter a Problem

There is often some disagreement about the degree of damage to a vehicle and whether or not it can actually be repaired to the pre-accident level. The decision to "total" the car might provide you with a new car instead of one that has been, perhaps inadequately, repaired. The insurance company may try to save themselves some money by trying to have the vehicle repaired, however.

Medical Expenses

Most insurance carriers will pay up to a certain amount in medical expenses, but if your wreck left you with a serious injury, then you may have to battle to get your entire recovery covered. This is an expensive category of damages, particularly if you will need continuing care for months, or even years.

Pain and Suffering

Insurance policies almost never cover this type of damage, but it is one that can affect accident victims for the remainder of their lives. The mental trauma of the wreck, the injuries and the recovery are difficult to deal with for many people. You might need mental health care to help you deal with the anxiety, sleeping problems, PTSD, and depression that can come with the impact of an accident.

Lost Wages

Some policies cover this damage category and some do not. Any time you miss from work where you are dealing with your injuries or transportation goes into the lost wages category. You are entitled to be reimbursed for any paid time-off you used, all time missed from work, and, in some cases, you can be paid for lost work opportunities.

Speaking to a personal injury attorney for a case evaluation will help ensure that you are compensated for the full complement of damages. Contact an attorney like those at Campbell, Dille, Barnett & Smith, P.L.L.C. for more information.