You Really Do Need A Social Security Lawyer On Your Case

Those unable to work at their job may end up applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Most of the time, though, disabled workers get turned down for benefits. Many applicants know they need help with their application and the appeals process but are unsure of where to turn. Read below and find out how a disability attorney can help applicants get their benefits approved and their denials overturned.

Applications Are Complex

The application for SSDI benefits is long and complicated, and a single mistake could cause your benefits to be denied. The Social Security Administration (SSA) processes thousands of applications a day, and they tend to deny applicants for many reasons. To avoid problems and delays, use a Social Security lawyer to help you with your application. They understand how the system works and what the SSA is looking for in terms of explaining your medical condition and your inability to work.

Medical Proof Is Everything

Many applicants underestimate the importance of medical information when they apply for SSDI. You must show that you have a qualifying medical condition that is severe enough to last longer than a year. Then, you must show that your medical condition prevents you from working at your most recent position or any position. In some cases, you will need to procure and send in your medical records, and your lawyer knows how to get those documents to the SSA quickly and efficiently.

Appeals Deadlines Can be Tough

If you do get turned down, you can appeal and attend a hearing in front of a hearing officer. However, applicants must ask for an appeal – it's not automatic. Also, the appeal deadline is only about 60 days. Your Social Security lawyer won't allow you to miss that important filing deadline, and they can fill out your appeal request on your behalf.

The Appeal Hearing Can Be Nerve-wracking

Your Social Security lawyer will investigate the reason you were denied SSDI and work on presenting evidence to overturn that decision. They will attend the hearing with you and speak to the judge on your behalf. If you are questioned, your attorney will be there to advise you on what to say. Being represented by an attorney has another benefit too. Studies have shown that applicants who have an attorney with them are more likely to get approved for benefits.

Speak to a Social Security attorney about your case today.