A Teacher May Need To File A Workers' Comp Suit After A Field Trip Injury

It's rare for a teacher to be hurt on the job, especially if he or she doesn't teach a class that has some dangers like shop class. While you might not ever think about being hurt on the job as a teacher, accidents and subsequent injuries can still happen. Some injuries might not even take place on school property. If you're away from the school on a field trip with students and you get hurt, you'll want to file a workers' compensation suit because the injury occurred during school hours and during a school activity. Here are some examples of field trip injuries that are possible.

Skiing Accident

Some schools have field trips that are mainly educational while others are all about fun and recreation. A classic example is a ski trip, which is something that many schools do over the winter months. Skiing, of course, is an activity that has its share of risks, and this means that you might sustain an injury while skiing with your students. A workers' compensation attorney can be an ally as you work to get a favorable settlement that will cover the medical expenses that you now face because of this field trip injury.

Camping Accident

Some schools go on year-end camping trips. You and several other teachers might take a few classes to a local campground and spend a couple of days having fun and learning in the wilderness. Most camping excursions are devoid of serious injuries, but there are always risks around you. You could suffer a burn from the campfire, be injured in a wild animal attack, break a limb while walking on uneven terrain, or suffer from a host of other accidents ranging in severity. Many of these accidents could prevent you from teaching for a period of time.

Zoo Accident

Zoos tend to be safe environments, provided that visitors follow the rules that are posted around the venue. If you've taken your school group to a local zoo for a field trip, it's possible that you didn't get through the day unscathed. Falls are an injury risk in any area, so you may have fallen down a set of stairs or tripped over an uneven part of a pathway and broken a bone or torn a ligament. In more extreme situations, an animal could have gotten loose and injured you. In any situation of this nature, speak to a workers' compensation attorney to get the representation that you deserve.